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New Smartypants Romance Release! Batter of Wits, Donner Bakery book 5, by Karla Sorensen


“Heartfelt, hilarious, with a dash of angst…Karla Sorensen shines with the perfect feel-good read!” –Author Catherine Cowles

Batter of Wits, an all-new funny and heartwarming romance from Karla Sorensen, is LIVE!


Hate at first sight couldn’t possibly exist, right?

That’s what Grace Buchanan thought, before her useless car stranded her on the side of a deserted road just inside the Green Valley city limits.

When Tucker Haywood—tall and handsome and full of southern charm— shows up to help, her reaction to him is the strongest thing she’s ever felt in her life, and it makes no freaking sense.

It doesn’t make much sense to Tucker either. Not why she hates him, or why he finds her so intriguing. He knows well enough that Grace is moving to Green Valley for a fresh start, not to distract him when he’s got no room for something like her in his life.

The complications between them are endless, but that doesn’t stop her definitely not love-at-first-sight feelings from changing into something else entirely.

Grace and Tucker are about to learn the hard way that in Green Valley, hating someone has never tasted so sweet.

‘Batter of Wits’ is a full-length contemporary romance, can be read as a standalone, and is book #5 in the Donner Bakery series, Green Valley World, Penny Reid Book Universe.

Baking Me Crazy was the first book that I’d read from the Smartypants Romance collection. I liked it, and it was probably my favorite of the Donner Bakery series, until I read Batter of Wits. I’m actually not sure why this book belongs in the Donner Bakery series, though. The only thing this book has in common is that the first one was about Levi Buchanan, and Grace is Levi’s cousin. There’s no connection to the Bakery otherwise. But I guess they had to put the story somewhere.

These two books are about people who fall “victim” to the Buchanan Love Curse. In Baking Me Crazy, Levi is in love with his best friend Jocelyn, and waits for five years for her to realize that she feels the same about him. In Batter of Wits, Grace Buchanan experiences “hate at first sight,” and it results in a fun and interesting story unlike anything I’ve read before.

I love books set in Green Valley, especially when we get little mentions of characters we know and love, but this book seemed to give the small town even more depth and life. We meet more of its residents, and there’s a quirky little fair that reminded me of something that would happen in Lucy Score’s Blue Moon Bend. We get the setup for the next Buchanan Love Curse story, which involves Grace’s brother Grady (who doesn’t believe in the curse, BTW). I am really looking forward to that book, and hope that Grace and Grady’s dad also gets hit with the Love Curse, because it’s never too late!

Thanks to Smartypants Romance for the opportunity to read and review this lovely book.


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Coming to Kindle Unlimited on April 27th!

About Karla Sorensen

Karla Sorensen has been an avid reader her entire life, preferring stories with a happily-ever-after over just about any other kind. And considering she has an entire line item in her budget for books, she realized it might just be cheaper to write her own stories. It doesn’t take much to keep her happy…a book, a really big glass of wine, and at least thirty minutes of complete silence every day. She still keeps her toes in the world of health care marketing, where she made her living pre-babies. Now she stays home, writing and mommy-ing full time (this translates to almost every day being a ‘pajama day’ at the Sorensen household…don’t judge). She lives in West Michigan with her husband, two exceptionally adorable sons and big, shaggy rescue dog.


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