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Sneak Peek!! New series from Penny Reid! Totally Folked, Good Folk: Modern Folktales book #1, coming soon!

Totally Folked, book #1 in the Good Folk: Modern Folktales series from New York Times bestselling author Penny Reid is coming July 20th, but we have a surprise sneak peek for you! Enjoy this early look of Penny’s all-new standalone contemporary romantic comedy.

And then…join Penny for an IG Live reading of the full excerpt on Thursday, July 8th, 6pm EST with the Social Butterfly crew!

Sneak Peek

“Call me Rae,” I said, blinking rapidly and wiping the back of my hand under my nose.

He snapped his mouth shut and frowned, like my request had interrupted his train of thought. “Uh, okay. Is Rae your name?”

“It is. It’s—” I needed to swallow around the emotion at the base of my throat before I could continue “—it’s what my friends call me.”


I nodded quickly, peeking at him. 

“Suits you.” I watched his lips curve into a coaxing smile, the warmth returning to his gaze.

“Thank you,” I managed, acutely breathless.

“Only name that would suit you better is Sunny.”

I laughed, rolling my eyes. “Not Rainbow?”

Good point. You are colorful.”

“Well, I think your name suits you, too.” I laughed again, but then added in a quieter tone that might’ve verged on shy, “I’ve always thought so.” 

We traded stares for another moment, my earlier cold and dull unsteadiness transforming into something else, something hot and sharp and equally unsteady. 

He doesn’t have a girlfriend, Rae. He’s single, Rae. You’re here for another twenty-four hours, Rae. 

“Well.” He pulled his gaze from mine and gave his head a little shake. “I’ve said my piece. I am sorry if I upset you.

I noticed the beading of sweat at his temples. It was hot in here, stifling. 

“You . . .” I was about to say, ‘You didn’t upset me,’ but that wasn’t true. He’d upset everything. I’d made peace with him being unobtainable, happy with someone else. 

If possible, I wanted him more now than I had before. Parts of me ached, imagining what it would be like to watch him strip off that sexy uniform and—

Whoa. Wait. 

Even though he was single, he’d just split from his girlfriend. He probably needed time before jumping into bed with me or anyone.

Oooor—and just think about it, no need to make any rash decisions—maybe now is the perfect time for him to jump into bed with you. You’re leaving tomorrow. You could be his rebound one-night-stand. No strings. Again.

He seemed to be waiting for me to finish my thought. But competing desires made it impossible for me to make the words and say the thing. And how would I even bring it up? How would I ask? 

Just . . . ask.

I nibbled my bottom lip, uncertain.

It can’t be that easy.

His gaze dropped to my mouth, grew dazed. 

Try it. What do you have to lose?

“Rae, the reason—”

“Will you spend the night with me?” 

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One unforgettable night leads to an unlikely shared connection, and unlikely connections never go unnoticed by the good folks in Green Valley, Tennessee. . .

Jackson James follows the rules. He has to. He’s a sheriff’s deputy in a super small town with a super big personality. However, strict adherence to the law during the day has been enjoyably balanced by rakish rules at night. Jackson, typically happy to protect and serve (and serve, and serve), starts questioning the value of wayward evenings when getting laid starts to feel more like being waylaid. Could it be that Green Valley’s most eligible—and notorious—bachelor longs for something (and someone) real?

Mega movie star Raquel Ezra follows only one rule: always leave them wanting more. Studio execs, reporters, audiences, fans, lovers—no one can get enough of the smart, savvy, and sexy bombshell. But when “generous offers” begin to feel more like excessive demands, years of always leaving has the elusive starlet longing for something (and perhaps someone) lasting.

When Raquel abruptly returns to the quirky Tennessee hamlet, her path crosses with the delectable deputy with whom she spent one unforgettable night. Unfortunately, scandal and intrigue soon follow. Raquel and Jackson must decide which is more important: following their rules? Or, at long last, finding something real.

TOTALLY FOLKED is a standalone, contemporary romantic comedy novel and book #1 in the Good Folk: Modern Folktales series.

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Happy Cover Reveal Day to Amy Daws!! Replay, coming April 8, 2021

Replay-Cover Reveal Header-GOOD

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Replay Cover-wrap-LESS GREEN--

Football club lawyer, Santino Rossi is known in the locker room as the two-month chump. For years he’s been on a mission to find someone he can share his basil plant with and cure him of his former playboy ways. So when he ends up stuck in an elevator with the one that got away, the thinks a replay is a great game plan.
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book info

Author: Amy Daws
Genre: Sports Romance
Release Date: April 8, 2021
Cover Designer: Amy Daws

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full blurb

Replay Cover-wrap-LESS GREEN-front--

Not all players deserve a second chance… no matter how hot their first chance was.

Football club lawyer, Santino Rossi is known in the locker room as the two-month chump. For years he’s been on a mission to find someone he can share his basil plant with and cure him of his former playboy ways.

Tilly Logan is a fiery, Scottish lass who didn’t bat an eye five years ago when a smoldering Italian pulled her into a nightclub bathroom. He was dark, dangerous, and exactly the good time Tilly was looking for—even if he worked for her over-protective brother’s team.

But a lot has changed and when Tilly returns to London five years later only to find herself trapped in an elevator with the smoldering Italian, it isn’t a happy reunion. Especially because her brother blames Santino for her high tailing it back to Scotland in the first place.

Tilly doesn’t want a replay of past mistakes and reconnecting with Santino is playing with fire.

But if they keep their relationship a secret, it could be worth the burn.

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Falling in love. Beautiful young couple embracing and smiling wh

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Football stadium in lights

Replay reads GREAT as a standalone, but if you’re looking for something to binge while you wait, check out Payback and Blindsided, a couple other spin off characters that are featured in Replay! You’ll be fully prepared for April 8 if you read these two hot footballers! Available in Kindle Unlimited

Allie Harris thinks a one-night-stand with a hot South African soccer player would be the perfect revenge against her cheating ex. But when her night of passion turns into an ill-conceived payback plan, things take an unexpected twist. Especially when that South African wants more than one night. Read Now

What happens when an almost thirty-year-old virgin agrees to let her Scottish best friend take her virginity? A whole lot more than either of them bargained for… Read Now

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Check out Amy’s Facebook page for an awesome giveaway!


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about the author

Amy Daws Head Shot-sizedown

Amy Daws is an Amazon Top 13 bestselling author of sexy, contemporary romance novels. She enjoys writing love stories that take place in America, as well as across the pond in England. When Amy is not writing in a tire shop waiting room, she’s watching Gilmore Girls, or singing karaoke in the living room with her daughter while Daddy smiles awkwardly from a distance. For more of Amy’s work, visit:

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Smartypants Romance Spring 2021 Authors Announced!!


In case you missed it, Smartypants Romance announced their participating author line-up for Spring 2021. The following authors will be contributing new canon titles in the Penny Reid Universe to be released in February and March 2021. We are thrilled to announce some new friends and returning familiar faces. Blurbs, release dates, and cover announcements are coming soon!

Jiffy Kate

Piper Sheldon

Susannah Nix

Allie Winters

Alyson Santos

M.E. Carter

Ann Whynot

Nanxi Wen

Emma Lee Jayne

And Karla Sorensen kicks off the spring launch with STEAL MY MAGNOLIA on February 9th, 2021

Pre-order available:


Find all Smartypants Romance Authors here: