Hoops Holiday release day

HH-BT banner.jpg

So the thing you need to know about Kennedy Ryan is that she writes books that deal with DEEP subjects. You don’t read a Kennedy Ryan book for a feel-good romance. You read a Kennedy Ryan book for real people dealing with real, heavy subjects…and to see them overcome their difficulties.

The first KR book I read was Long Shot. Wow, is that an amazing book but boy, it’s not for the faint of heart. It’s not your average romance book. Without spoiling anything, it deals with a pretty heavy subject, but it’s also a story full of hope.

Hoops Holiday includes a novella called Full-Court Press, which is a continuation of Kennedy Ryan’s Hoop series. It also includes some extras from both Long shot and Hoop Shot. I love authors offer us bonus content that can’t be found anywhere else! (Makes me feel special!)


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