Kindle Unlimited Subscription sale!

Do you like books? Apparently, if your’e reading this blog, YOU DO! Have you heard of Kindle Unlimited? It’s a subscription service through Amazon where you can borrow as many as 10 books at a time. Many authors have their books available through KU. For example, you can read the entire Blue Moon series by Lucy Score, or the entire Walsh series by Kate Canterbary…the list goes on and on!

It normally costs $9.99 a month, which would probably still be worth it if you read even 10 KU books a month. BUT, between now and October 20 (my birthday, BTW!) you can sign up for a 6-month subscription to Kindle Unlimited for half the price! 6 months of unlimited books for $29.97. At first, it said you must be a NEW subscriber, but I’ve had KU in the past and was able to get the subscription for the discounted price.

KU also includes audiobooks now, which it didn’t back when I originally had my subscription. That’s pretty exciting, since I love a good audiobook! I’m a little picky about my narrators, but that’s a WHOLE other blog post!

Find out more details here!

Hope you’re able to benefit from this fantastic price. What KU books will you be reading?

Check out what Kindle Unlimited has to offer!


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