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Review of: The Fine Art of Faking It (Blue Moon Book 6) by Lucy Score

fineart5 of 5 stars!

Another fantastic visit to Blue Moon. This book was a combination of my two favorite types of stories: second chance romance and fake relationship, with the usual Blue Moon zaniness, swoon-worthy sexy times and laugh out loud moments that Lucy Score does better than anyone.

I love catching up with the other members of our favorite community and getting to see what they’ve been up to since the last book, but the stars of this show are Davis and Eden. They have a complicated history, which is something I always love, as well as a complicated present, since their families have been feuding for the past 50 years!

They are forced to spend time together through the shenanigans of the well-meaning but often ridiculous Beautification Committee. Things don’t go as planned, of course, but we are all better off for it!

Being a big fan of origin stories (especially Lucy’s Where It All Began, the Blue Moon prequel), I especially loved the bonus epilogue. Here’s hoping there’s plenty more Blue Moon in our future!

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